March & April Music Favorites

Everytime I look through my Spotify playlists, I think have diverse taste in music, but at the same time I realize that I listen to a lot of “mainstream” singers. Although I may listen to those “mainstream” singers, my favorite songs by them tend to be underrated and not many people know them, which brings me to my first favorite playlist of the month.

One day I was listening to the Selena Gomez song, “Do It,” and I started thinking about how no one really talks about this song, which made me realize that there are a lot of songs by well-known artists that not many people know unless they’re really a big fan of that artist, so I dceided to make a playlist full of those songs. The playlist is called underrated songs by mainstream people and features artists such as Drake, Tori Kelly, Justin Bieber, Penatonix, etc.

I also have my monthly playlists for March and April if you wanted to give them a listen: March 2016 and April 2016.

A lot of my favorite artists have been releasing music during the past two months and there’s still more to come next month as well!

Beyoncé’s very controversial new album, “Lemonade,” came out this month. I watched the HBO special, but I haven’t really given her album another listen since then so I can’t really tell you my favorite song at the moment. But for now, let’s just say every song on the album is my favorite because I did like the sound of most of the songs when I first heard them and I just love Beyoncé in general.

Ariana Grande has released three new singles, “Dangerous Woman,” “Be Alright,” and “Let Me Love You,” and I think “Dangerous Woman,” and “Let Me Love You,” are my favorites. I can’t wait for her new album next month.

As most people already know, Zayn Malik, former member of One Direction, released his first solo album in March. As a dedicated One Direction fan myself, it did hurt when he decided to leave the group, but since then I have learned accept it and I will continue to support him in all his future endeavors. My favorite songs from “Mind of Mine,” are “wRoNg,” (featuring Kehlani), “iT’s YoU,” “LIKE I WOULD,” and “fOoL fOr YoU.”

If you like music posts like this, where I go more in depth about the music and artists I like, comment down below! Also comment down below your favorite song, album, or artist right now!



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