Birthday Wishlist

Usually one of my favorite days of the year is my birthday, but for some reason this year it isn’t.

My birthday is April 2nd, which is only three days away. Every year people ask me what I want and I never know what to say until after my birthday when I think of all the things I could’ve asked for. This year I planned on making sure that doesn’t happen.

I took matters into my own hands and printed out pictures of what I wanted and gave them to my friends when they asked me what they should buy me. I even made a Pinterest board full of (somewhat reasonable) items I would tell my family members I wanted (follow me on Pinterest by the way).

But now, all of a sudden, I don’t want any of that anymore; I want something else for my birthday.

This year for my birthday I want to be happy. That’s it. I just want to be happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll accept the gifts too because I do really want some of that stuff, but those things are only going to bring me temporary happiness.

I want permanent happiness.

Lately, I’ve been really down in the dumps and I started to miss how happy I used to be. But then I kept thinking and I realized that maybe I was never truly happy to begin with.

I’ve had a rough time the past three months and I’ve been looking forward to April because I see it as a time to “reinvent” myself. I’m going to make sure I’m happier and that I work harder, eat healthier, read more, start excercising, and go to sleep earlier.

I’m going to be a new Shania, but not completely because the old Shania does have some admirable qualities that need to stay intact.

Overall, I just want to feel better about myself and finally reach a level of happiness that doesn’t go away after four hours.

On another note, I just realized that last month marked six months since I started this blog! I’m honestly so glad I made that decision six months ago because now I couldn’t imagine my life without blogging. All my readers are like my friends and I’m blessed to have people who actually enjoy my content and care about what I have to say!



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