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A Day in My Life: Ring Day and Winter Formal

This post is long overdue, but since my posting schedule has been a little bit off, I’m finally uploading it now.

On February 5th, my classmates and I celebrated a very important day at our school: Class Ring Day, which was followed by winter formal later that night. I had a very eventful day and I thought I should share it with you guys.

First all the girls in my class had to be to school by 9 a.m., so we could all be ready to walk into the church together at 10 a.m., but of course there were still girls coming in at 9:55 a.m. because it wouldn’t be our class if half of us weren’t late.

Walking in was a bit nerve wracking, but that’s mainly because I’m first due to my last name. Anyway I was happy when it was over and I finally got my ring.

Most girls in my class got their class ring with the company our school uses, but I didn’t because if I did I would have to get the class color (the May birthstone) as my stone and I didn’t want that. Instead, I ordered my ring from Zales and had it personalized the way I wanted it to be.

The stone is supposed to be my birthstone, which is a diamond (I was born in April), but my mom and I were afraid that something could happen to my ring and she would’ve spent all that money on a diamond ring, so instead we got cubic zirconia.

Ignore my chipped nails
Ignore my chipped nails

I think the ring is beautiful and I love it so much. It has engraving on the sides and it says my graduation year, school, extracurricular activity, and what people from our school are known as.

Then the inside of the band has the meaning of my first name. My first name, Shania, is a Native American name from the Ojibwe tribe and it means “On her way.”

My ring day was very simple and I didn’t bother to take any pictures of me in it. I wore an ivory, satiny blouse from h&m and a black pencil skirt that I bought a long time ago from store.

I didn’t go all out with my makeup either. I wore my favorite drugstore mascara and a NYX lipgloss.

After the ceremony, my grandmother and I went to BBQ’s, where we ordered some food to go and I ate it at home.

Then around 5 p.m. it was time to get ready for formal. I actually wanted to go out for formal and get my nails, hair, and makeup done, but money doesn’t go on trees, so I just made due with what I had.

I ended up just putting on a new coat of a different mascara on and left my lips alone. I put my hair in a bun and wore the same accessories I always wear, my Anne Klein watch and my Pandora bracelet.

As for my dress, I ordered it from JcPenny like two weeks before formal and I was happy with what I picked even though it was so last minute.

It’s a turquoise color with beading on the straps and it sort of flowed out at the bottom. This is what it looks like, but I didn’t get it in plus size; it was the only link I could find for the dress, so you could get the gist of what it looked like.

I spent weeks planning formal with the other members of student council and I’m proud to say that it went pretty.

The food was decent, the decorations were great, and the DJ was no DJ Khaled, but he was good enough. We even had a photobooth area, which was pretty cute.

Here are two of my favorite pictures with two of my best friends.

This is Cat (short for Catherine), who you have heard me mention before. She has a blog too!

Then this is my other best friend, Sam
Then this is my other best friend, Sam

I’m just glad that formal went off without a hitch and we don’t have to worry about our next big event for a while! Planning such an important day is stressful.

That’s it for today, so make sure you follow my blog and all my social media, so you can be notified about when I post again!



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