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Mini Haul

I’ve been going to CVS every Sunday for like four weeks now and I’m pretty sure the workers there are wondering why I’m always there and to be honest, I am too.

I’ve been going so often mainly because I was buying my friends presents for Christmas from the makeup section, but I would always end up buying something for myself too.

But when you think about it, buying things for yourself isn’t really a bad thing. You know what they say: #treatyoself

Anyway, I went to CVS the other day and I felt the need to share with you guys what I bought.

My friend Ruth’s birthday was on Friday, so I bought her two things from CVS. First, I bought her this Wet N’ Wild nail polish set because I know she likes nail polish just like most girls do. I also bought her an e.l.f eye liner because I know she has a thing for eyeliner.

Then for myself, I bought a NYX Butter Gloss in the color “Tiramisu,” a pack of color pens, and two nail polishes.

I’ve always wanted try a NYX lip gloss and this is my first one, so I’m really happy about that and I love the way it looks on me.

Now that I have these pens I’ll be more motivated to plan my blog posts out in my blogging notebook since it’ll look pretty now.

I’ve needed a clear nail polish for a while since not having one was my main excuse for never painting my nails because I like having a top coat on my nails. I only bought the sky blue one because I thought it was pretty and it was 2 for $5.

I forgot to mention this in my What I Got for Christmas post, but my uncle sent me two $40 Walmart gift cards for Christmas. As much as I appreciate the gift, it wasn’t the best idea because I don’t live near a Walmart. So I decided to order some stuff from their website and it arrived last week. First, I ordered a Caboodles Two Tower Tray Acrylic Countertop Organizer. I use it to store my makeup since I don’t have enough and it’s the perfect size for what I do have. In the future, I might do a post where I really show you guys what my makeup collection consists of if you really want to see that.

Then I also bought a Conair Double-Sided Lighted Round Mirror because I’ve always wanted a lighted vanity to do my makeup in, so I figured this would be the second best thing, which it is.

I’m trying to cut back on spending all my money at CVS, so it might be a while until there’s another mini haul from there, but there will be more in the future when I get my spending together! Also comment some ideas for future blog posts and I might just do them!



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