20 Goals for 2016

I’m not perfect, so there are a lot of things I did in 2015 that I decided I will not do this year. I need to learn how to improve myself based on my previous mistakes, so I thought if I listed them here in black and white for me to see, I would have a better chance of not doing them.

  1. Stop putting effort into relationships that other people aren’t putting effort into
  2. Procrastinate less
  3. Stay true to my word
  4. Don’t put other people’s needs before my own
  5. Be more patient
  6. Put 100% into everything I do
  7. Study more
  8. Treat my skin better
  9. Be nicer
  10. Practice my makeup skills
  11. Paint my nails every once in a while
  12. Try to excercise more
  13. Write more
  14. Work on becoming more organized
  15. Read more books
  16. Watch a documentary
  17. Pay attention to what’s going on in the world
  18. Remember to post on your blog
  19. Go to bed earlier
  20. Stay true to yourself and make sure you’re happy

Those are all the things I think need to work on improving this year. I hope you guys were inspired by my goals for 2016 and  make a list of your own and stick to it like I am. I’ll update you guys about the progress I’ve made and you should do the same by commenting yours below and commenting about your progress too when I post about mine!



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