New Year, New Blog? (sort of)

Happy New Year!

I honestly never look forward to the new year, but for some reason I think 2016 is going to be my year.

I’m not one of those “new year, new me” people, but I plan on using this year to improve myself physically and mentally. I want to become more well versed in world affairs, politics, things most people know because it’s common knowledge and gain more knowledge in general.

I also plan on improving my blog this year. I know I’ve been slacking on posts, especially considering the fact that I haven’t posted in two months, but don’t worry. I will not go on another unannounced hiatus like that again. I plan on posting every Wednesday and Saturday, but if I know I’m not going to be able to post both days that week, I will tell you guys in advance or if I can’t post at all for a while, I will make sure you are all aware. Worst comes to worst, I might not have a post ready at least one of those days and I’ll just post it the next day, so there’s still two posts every week.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I changed my blog theme/layout! I love this one a lot more than my last one; I think it’s more professional looking along with giving my blog that fresh/clean/organized look.

Another thing I just remembered I want to improve about my blog is the quality of my pictures. I try to include pictures of the products I talk about in my posts, but I know the photos aren’t the best and I want to fix that. I think it would be a lot easier for me if I had a nice iPhone 6 or something to take pictures with, but my mother hasn’t caved and bought me that, so for now I have to use my iPod Touch 5, which I’m beyond grateful for, don’t get me wrong; I just wish I had a better quality camera to take pictures with. I guess from now on I just have to make sure I take my pictures in the day time while it’s still bright outside.

Schoolwise, by the end of this year, I want to have gotten a 90 in Spanish 3 at least once. Like I’ve gotten a 90 and above on tests and quizzes before, but I’ve never had one as my actual grade in Spanish class. I think the highest grade I’ve ever had was an 87, so my goal is a 90. I also want to get at least an 85 in Trignometry because I suck at math and I’m honestly trying so hard this year to improve my grades in all my classes.

It’s not like I’m stupid and I’m always failing my classes; it’s just that this year has been very difficult for me academics wise because I’m taking such hard classes this year. Despite my current difficulties in some classes right now, I honestly believe I can succeed this year.

What are your goals for this year? Comment them below because I’m interested in knowing what other people hope to acheive this year! I’ll be back with plenty of more posts in the future, so make sure you subscribe to my blog!




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